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Shiraz Hajeeशिराज

Sales & Marketing Consultant

Shiraz Hajee is a born negotiator with an unquenchable desire to succeed and do the very best for his clients. His experience in marketing and business development across many markets and industries has proven successful throughout his career which has had a tremendous impact on his Real Estate business.

Shiraz has a clear and in depth understanding of the Real Estate market which ranges from property development to residential homes and is a driving force for sales.

A keen property sales person with an eye for detail, you can rest assured knowing that you will get a premium result on the sale of your hard-earned asset.

Client Review - 

Great Communication, Friendly & Caring!

I am blown away by the incredible service we have received by Shiraz. I have met many real estate agents but none like him, he will look after your sale like it is his own. Shiraz is passionate, caring and extremely knowledgeable. He kept us in the loop with every aspect of the sale and answered all of our questions with no judgement, no matter how silly they were. The transaction was smooth and it’s been an absolute pleasure. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us Shiraz, we look forward to speaking with you when we look at selling our investment property! 

Review submitted by Benjamin Park on 13 Oct 2020