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With tens of thousands of hours of negotiations under his belt, Phill understands the challenges all parties face when making a real estate decision.

Calm and strategic, his enviable track record of success has seen him help thousands of sellers, buyers and agents navigate the market and he has been involved in over $2.5 billion worth of property transactions over the past decade and a half.

Having worked as a high-performing sales agent, agency owner, principal, auctioneer, trainer and business consultant Phill is well regarded in the industry and experienced in all facets of real estate.

Career Path

Phill emerged from university in Brisbane with a degree in economics and finance, which soon propelled him to Japan where he went on to manage the international sales and marketing team for a premium musical instruments and audio manufacturer. Initially using his tertiary background to support his role in buyer behaviour, consumer research and product design his natural aptitude soon kicked in and his role quickly morphed into sales and marketing. 

New York, LA, London – while it all sounds glamorous the travel became brutal and having chalked up hundreds of thousands of kilometers jetting the globe, he said goodbye to Japan and along with his wife Michelle came home to Australia. Briefly ensconced in a similar role in Sydney they weren’t long home in Australia before Phill left the music industry and he and Michelle moved back to friends and family in Brisbane.

Like many real estate agents, if not most of them, Phill was drawn to the industry as it was a great fit for his skills, experience and drive to ensure that clients are rewarded with a level of service that produces the best results and outcomes.

Entirely in his element and thanks to years honing his marketing and communication talents it wasn’t long before he was achieving results and being recognised for his success. A solid performer and the recipient of several awards and accolades Phill is representative of the top 1-2% of real estate professional across the globe and is resolutely committed to always improving in his role representing his clients, agency, industry and peers as a leader.

Empathy blended with the technical

A passionate proponent of the adage, ‘when the client wins one can’t lose’, Phill appreciates that the story behind every move is deeply personal and believes that it is a privilege to be able to enter into someone’s home and advise them on the best way forward, to help them make rewarding decisions with the potential to impact their lives far into the future.

With a voracious appetite for information, learning and consistently improving, when you can’t find him helping agents perform at their best, calling an auction, training some of the industry’s best you will probably find him spending time researching into and learning how to best support a remarkable client experience.

Ego-free zone

Having worked with plenty of music celebrities but definitely not a ‘rock star’ himself, Phill might be sought out by others in the industry for his calm, resolute, humble and straight forward advice but rest assured it’s the protagonists in every real estate transaction that take centre stage; the sellers, the buyers, the advisors, the agents and the homes themselves.  

If you are wanting the best guidance, assistance and advice on your real estate concern then reach out to Phill today.